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900 South Main StreetGet Directions

Taylor, PA   18517

570 562-3690


For more information or to setup an appointment call 570 562-3690


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If you want a condensed answer to the question "Why choose us?", then here it is:

We provide quality food and exceptional service in an elegant setting
at reasonable prices.

In fact, our flexible menu structure allows you to plan your event based on YOUR needs and YOUR preferences, not on a pre-defined package loaded with "fillers" that you don't need or want.  Plus our straight-forward pricing is easy to understand.


BOTTOM LINE: We have many years of experience in planning and hosting events.


Planning an Event?

We hope that our website provides a little information about our catering facility & the services that we offer.


It's impossible to put all of our experience or every detail of what we do on this website, so we encourage you to come in, sit down & talk with us.


Planning a Wedding or other Special Event can be overwhelming
... but we can help!